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Spophy Air Recovery Boots

Spophy Air Recovery Boots represent a revolutionary possibility of regeneration at the highest level. Everything in the comfort of your home, office, or gym. Enjoy a dynamic and strong massage with Spophy Air Recovery compression Boots. Spophy Air Recovery Boots are highly effective yet easy to use. They require only minimal space for transport. They contain a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, so it can be used anywhere and anytime. Simply put on, choose one of six massage programs and enjoy compression therapy using six air chambers with adjustable pressure from 30 to 240 mmHg.
More about Air Recovery Boots

More about Air Recovery Boots

The compression and subsequent decompression that occurs when using Spophy Air Recovery Boots stimulate the vascular system promote regeneration after sports performance, help to eliminate muscle pain, and also speed up the return of the athlete to full load after injury. Take your regeneration and performance to a new level with Spophy.

Spophy Air Recovery Boots use the latest compression therapy with a multi-chamber system. They use the gradual pressure wave moving from the periphery to the center around the entire circumference of the limb. Appropriately applied compression therapy restores and strengthens the function of the capillary lymph pump, stimulates the phagocytic activity of tissue macrophages, and thus promotes the breakdown of proteins and other macromolecular substances. Well indicated compression therapy results in higher lymph transport and lymphatic resorption.

One of the most common indications for using Spophy Air Recovery Boots is regeneration after a demanding workout. However, they can be used effectively as part of a warm-up before a sports performance. They are also justified in the presence of heavy legs in long-standing people or in the treatment of post-traumatic and postoperative swelling of the lower limbs.


Spophy Air Recovery Boots should not be used for swelling caused by kidney, heart, and liver diseases. Other contraindications include, for example, fever, acute or chronic skin, and subcutaneous tissue disease, cardiac arrhythmias, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary edema, unstable high blood pressure, or applied pacemaker.

Size: Standard 110cm   Large 125cm