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The beast

We develop physiotherapy aids that help athletes get the most out of themselves

We meet the high demands of sports physiotherapists for therapeutic aids

We develop top products suitable for the rehabilitation and regeneration of athletes, contributing to the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, to load compensation, and to increase performance through innovative training procedures.



We develop top products suitable for the rehabilitation and recovery of athletes.



We make our know-how available to the community. Join us!



High-quality textile accessories also belong to high-performance sports.



Meet the Spophy family and learn about the hard training of top athletes.



Immerse yourself in the world of professional physiotherapy and draw inspiration from our articles.

Throw yourself into wild rapids with Spophy

Go with us into the wild waters and take a look under the hood of the demanding preparation of Vojta Heger, the Eur...

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The “tissue flossing” or “flossing” treatment method is becoming increasingly popular with sports coaches, physiotherapists, and the public. This method is well-known thanks to American researcher ...

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Almost everyone knows the very cool Spray, which has the ability to bring the athlete back into the game in the event of an unpleasant injury. Although Spophy Coolant Spray is primarily u...

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