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Throw yourself into wild rapids with Spophy

Throw yourself into wild rapids with Spophy

Go with us into the wild waters and take a look under the hood of the demanding preparation of Vojta Heger, the European under-23 champion in water slalom.

Water slalom is an Olympic sport that is practiced on artificial slalom courses, with the rider racing between goals. It is mainly a technical sport, where the performance lasts a maximum of 2 minutes. It is, therefore, also a highly technical and fast sport. And that is why speed, strength, but also endurance are most important for slalom riders.

For me, water slalom is primarily fun and a sport that I love, but of course, it is also my job, and thanks to that, I can devote myself 100% to water slalom.

As an elite athlete, I train 6 days a week. I always have 2 to 3 phases of training per day. In preparation, I focus on strength, speed, and endurance training. I also work with a mental coach and MUDr. Jiří Dostál and Vojtěch Hačecký.

Recovery is very important to me, and that's why I don't neglect it. Without quality and regular recovery, I would not be able to handle the volume of training that I complete every day. I go to a physiotherapist at least once a week and do compensatory exercises every day. In physiotherapy, I mostly solve problems with my back and shoulder, which I injured in the 2021 season, and only thanks to the intervention of physiotherapists, I have avoided surgery for the time being.

However, thanks to Spophy products, I have the unique opportunity to regenerate every day even without a physiotherapist, which is a great advantage in terms of saving time and money. After training, I use Flossband the most, which is very easy to apply and significantly reduces pain. Another great help is the cooling spray from Spophy, thanks to which I reduce muscle tension in a few seconds and remove the trigger point from the muscle.

When we're not training on the water and we have a post-season break, I most often keep up with running or the gym. I don't allow Spophy compression knee socks when running. These reduce damage to muscle mass during long-term exercise and delay fatigue. Thanks to the reinforced area of the foot, I also prevent bruises and blisters.

Recovery is very important to me, and I believe that it is not only for top athletes but also for everyone who likes to do sports.