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Spophy supports a number of international athletes, including Olympic medalists, World champions and their therapists. The best of them can be seen wearing Spophy Fashion collection. Be a part of the Spophy beast family!

Our ambassadors


Zuzana Kocumová

Multiple Spartan World and European champion
I like to work with Spophy very much and from their products, I mainly use Spophy air compression boots. The reason is simple – after sports, work and family, it is a great means of regeneration, where I enjoy a moment of peace and the feeling that “someone” takes care of me. In addition, even as an allergy sufferer, I have impaired lymph outflow, especially in warm weather, so I will really appreciate their effect.

Jan Špalek

Specialized sports physiotherapist
I have known Spophy products for a long time, but I started using them to the fullest just before and during the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020. They proved themselves in working with top Czech athletes mainly due to their high efficiency and ease of use. For me, the best Spophy product is the orange Spophy Flossband. A great tool for dealing with chronic and acute injuries in sports.

Matouš Kohout

European Muay-thai Champion, Oktagon MMA fighter
During heavy MMA training, when sometimes I need quick pain relief, Spophy Coolant Spray mainly helps me. That’s why I always have it at hand. It will last a long time and the cooling effect is really noticeable.

Lukáš Hodboď

Finalist of the European 800 meters Running Championship
I use Spophy compression socks mainly for regenerative long runs. They have high compression and wick away sweat perfectly. They are a great help for me in regenerating after more demanding physical activity and long journeys.

Marie Branser

A two-time judo gold medailist
Spophy supports me on my way to Paris 2024 with products that help me to optimize my regeneration and prevent injuries. In addition, the team is at my side with advice and action. I'm proud to be part of the Spophy Family :)