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Recovery Massage Oil

Enjoy faster regeneration after intensive training. Spophy Recovery Massage Oil should be a necessity in every sports physiotherapists‘ or team masseurs‘ kit. This light massage oil was developed in cooperation with professional athletes and their therapists. The perfect glide and ideal spreadability were achieved by a combination of the highest quality mineral, sunflower, and olive oil which has a proven effect of accelerating muscle regeneration. This massage oil does not contain any prohibited ingredients or pharmaceuticals.
What effects it has

What effects it has

The unique composition of the active ingredients increases blood circulation, protects muscles, provides effective relaxation, reduces pain, helps with joint stiffness, and supports regeneration after sports performance. Recovery massage oil can be used to warm up muscles before exercise or for a relaxing sports massage after the performance. The Rosemary essential oil has a stimulating effect on your body and mind. Spophy Recovery Massage Oil is suitable for all skin types and does not dry out the skin. It simply leaves the skin pleasantly soft. Spophy massage products are ideal for regular use. The ingredients are gentle for the hands of the masseur as well.