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Cross Tape

Spophy Cross Tape is a non-elastic tape for trigger points. It is significantly beneficial for muscular and vascular difficulties. Spophy Cross Tape is waterproof, free of latex and contains a hypoallergenic adhesive. Please read the following safety instructions before use: Taping requires proper knowledge and training. Please, consult your doctor or sport physiotherapist before the first use of Spophy Cross Tape. Removing Spophy Cross Tape – peel of gently while holding surrounding skin. Suggested use: Apply Spophy Cross Tape directly to the painful area on clean dry skin.
Variants of packaging

Variants of packaging

We offer several different types of packaging

Type A

180 pcs, dimesion: 2,1 x 2,7 cm (cross 3 mm wide lines of tape, 3 x 4 lines), 20 sheets, 9 cross tapes per sheet

Type B

120 pcs, dimesion: 3,6 x 2,8 cm (cross 4 mm wide lines of tape, 3 x 4 lines), 20 sheets, 6 cross tapes per sheet

Type C

40 pcs, dimesion: 5,2 x 4,4 cm (cross 4 mm wide lines of tape, 5 x 6 lines), 20 sheets, 2 cross tapes per sheet

Type MIX

130 pcs, Type A – 10 sheets (90 pcs), Typ B – 5 sheets (30 pcs), Typ C – 5 sheets (10 pcs)


Patients with sensitive skin should pay higher attention while using the Spophy Cross Tape. Take off and discontinue immediately if any adverse reactions occur, including irritation, rash or itching. Do not apply to open wounds. Store Spophy Cross Tape in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.